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Fresh Oranges

Meet the newest members of Team Orange, here to bring unique experience, insight, imagination and good vibes to the work we do with you. From left, they are…

Sara Pearson

Account Director

To be a strategic partner for clients and help them win!

Most recently FedEx Go-to-Market initiatives, acquisition brand launches and customer communications at Hanley Wood

Top professional skill
Getting to the heart of what matters

Top athletic skill
Hula hoop

Member in good standing of
Introworks’ Game of Thrones Club

Celebrity encounter
Bar conversation with “Norm” from Cheers

Julie Blade-Larson

Senior Art Director

Concept and execute great creative for Introworks’ clients

National consumer brands including Converse, Ocean Spray & TJMaxx. Special fave: The MN Zoo identity

Strategy, concepting, identity design, video

Smooth move
Cutting deck of cards with one hand

On the tube
Parks and Rec, Criminal Minds

Glorious past
Former Kansas City BBQ Judge. Credentials currently lapsed

Cheryl Hanson

Finance and Admin Manager

Deal with such incidentals as money, personnel and office management

Leading financial series fundings for medical device startups, seed level to selloff

Matters involving spreadsheets, rules, regulations, red tape and being nice to people

Outdoor Activity
Community gardening

Indoor Activity
Watching Green Acres

Child Stardom
Performed as a voiceover talent on her dad’s radio show, specializing in cheerful announcements needing a squeaky little voice

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