Rocket Fuel

Earlier we talked about six things key to a viable launch. Now we’d like to delve in a little deeper into one of those areas—setting up your launch leadership team.

As the saying goes, any successful team needs leaders. The ones who will do the work and put in the time to make sure the project succeeds. Over many years and countless launches, we’ve learned some things about who should be on your leadership team to best position you for success.

The first element to success is finding people who have the right personality and clout to be open and honest. This is not the time to be passive, or focused on not rocking the boat. You need people who are willing to share their thoughts and, more importantly, will speak out when they see something that needs addressing.

Next, you need to find people who are willing to be true evangelists for the project. Like any successful movement, you need true believers. The ones who have the spirit and energy to push a project through the doldrums and confront the inertia. Because when the project hits a rocky patch—and it inevitably will—these are the ones who will take the reins and push it forward.

Finally, you need to draft a team across disciplines and departments. A cross-functional team helps create buy-in and allows everyone to feel like they have a voice. In addition, diverse backgrounds and viewpoints can avoid the oft-trodden tropes and drive truly novel solutions that make a real difference.

Wondering who should be on your launch leadership team? We’d love to help you draft a team of winners.

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