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We’re wrapping our three-part Launches Gone Wrong series (if you haven’t seen Part 1 and Part 2 yet, here they are) with another frequent non-flyer: The Meetooze.

A Meetooze launch is just what it looks like: “Me too” with an ooze at the end.


It starts with an offering that’s perceived as lacking in noteworthy or distinguishing features. A Me-Too.

Perceived is the key word here. Because your offering may or may not be significantly different. But with the right communication strategy, perceptions can be shaped. What turns the launch into a Meetooze is poor communication.

It may be that your offering actually is different, in a meaningful way, addressing a real market need. But its uniqueness is not properly communicated.

Or you may indeed have a me-too product. That’s okay. You can go forth and steal market share, by telling your story in a unique way. What won’t work is doing what one of our clients describes as “just oozing it out”—releasing the offering without the impetus or impact of a focused communication strategy.

Communication is integral to differentiation. In fact how you communicate is often more important than what you’re communicating.

You can be a me-too, but lose the ooze.

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