Rocket Fuel

Launching a product or service is important. That’s not exactly groundbreaking info. But how important? A cross-industry study found product launches account for 50% of revenue and 40% of profit. As those numbers continue upward, so do failure rates. Another study showed nearly 9 out of 10 launches fail to meet forecasts.

Given their immense and growing importance, why do so many launches fail?

The short answer is they’re hard.

The longer answer is more complicated. There’s the ever-expanding, hypercompetitive global marketplace. Complex internal networks with multiple touchpoints and differing—sometimes competing—priorities. And then there’s the rapid pace of innovation that can turn “the next big thing” into tomorrow’s old news before launch even happens.

So what’s a smart marketer to do? How can you ready yourself with a plan that honors the importance and complexity—and sets you up for a successful launch?

Answer: Get some Rocket Fuel.

In our Rocket Fuel series, we aim to share what we’ve learned over almost 3 decades helping to propel some of the most successful brands and products. We’ll keep it short and digestible because you don’t have time for long-winded launch sequences. And they’re loaded with tips and ideas you can implement today.

We hope you’ll join us for the ride.

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