Rocket Science is our new blog about launch and B2B marketing.

Like all new endeavors, it’s hard to say exactly where it will go and how it will evolve. But our plan is to talk about what it takes to make success less random, focusing on three broad areas: Aim, Alignment and Communication.

These are the pillars of our launch process at Introworks.

The more we apply that process across more products and services and brands, the more clearly we see how critical it is to have those pillars firmly in place as you go forward launching anything. So we’ll keep coming back to them in this blog.

You’ll also see a lot about related topics we feel strongly about:

Simplicity, because it’s necessary and difficult to achieve.
Remarkability, because if you’re not creating experiences that spread, who cares?
Singularity, because you can’t cut through clutter with 47 messages.
Emotion, because logic is overrated in B2B.
Context, because too often it’s missing—and missed.

What you won’t see much of is “10 Ways to Succeed at ABC” or “7 Signs You need to do XYZ Better.” No promises, and we realize that things change. But for now, we’ll steer clear.

We’ll try to keep it short and practical. Maybe sometimes memorable. We’d love for you to share it. And if you let us know about ideas or topics you’d like to talk about, we’d be excited to hear from you.

That’s it! Watch your inbox for Rocket Science, thanks for reading —and let’s have a blast.

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