Rocket Fuel

There are many questions that come up in the launch process. But you’d think the one thing you know for sure is what you’re launching. Right?

It turns out sometimes the answer isn’t—or shouldn’t be—as obvious as you might think. In fact, we’ve found that a good percentage of projects we work on result in not launching what was defined at the outset. How is that?

It has a lot to do with today’s rapidly evolving, hyper-competitive and highly commoditized landscape. Sometimes a product or service alone isn’t enough to move the needle. And as this all about winning minds and taking share, it’s healthy to take a step back to make sure your offer is enough to do that.

There are a number of forms this (redefining the offer) has taken with our clients in recent years, including:

The Higher Purpose: Consider that you may be revitalizing your portfolio, a business unit or even the company itself. This can be about an emotional recommitment to the customers in a market segment. Or perhaps you’re launching your leadership vision, one in which you own the market issue. In either case, your product and/or service becomes the proof of purpose.

The Hybrid: It’s becoming blurrier each day — what’s more important, the tangible product or the intangible service? Blurry might just mean blending in a more meaningful way. Weave products, services, support, education, expertise, etc. into a singular offering and differentiated story.

The Category: Maybe you have a unique combination of components that deserves its own categorical distinction. It can be a bold move to restart the market conversation as the only offering that delivers X, Y and Z but it may be worth it when the market is crowded.

So take a moment and ask yourself what are you really launching? Because aligning your team on the right answer could make all the difference.

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