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7 Questions and a Selfie: Joe Beard, Founder/CCO, Bionic Giant

Bionic Giant is one of our core partners at Introworks. We love their don’t-settle-for-the-obvious ingenuity and never-say-can’t resourcefulness, and have worked with them on a number of technology-forward projects, including the virtual reality experience for Dow at the water conference in Amsterdam.

  1. Bionic Giant is such a snappy name. What’s the story behind it?

We wanted something fun and hopefully inspiring and easy to remember. Bionic is a throwback to the Bionic Man. Our technology helps us take our human ideas to new heights. Giant is what we hope our work inspires our clients and brands to be.

  1. What trends have you been seeing in experiential media?

We are starting to see clients hunger for deeper engagement with their audience. Whether it’s connecting via a mobile app, at a live event or trade show through VR or some other method, we will collaborate and bring ideas to the table to foster deep, memorable connection and engagement.

  1. What are some cool ways your clients are using virtual reality?

The coolest thing about VR is you can dip your toe in the water and try it out on a small scale, or you can dive into the deep end and do something memorable. Clients are using VR on a basic level to demonstrate products and services, and they are using it to take people on transcendent journeys. It’s an intimate one-on-one experience. There is an expectation when you put on a VR headset, a moment of being all in. It’s the responsibility of the brand to return that loyalty with something great.

  1. With all the options out there, how do marketers figure out what kind of experience will work best for them?

There are so many tools available to create engagement, and you see smart brands doing some amazing things. It has to start with identifying and understanding the audience. Why in the world should they care? Would you? Finally, carefully consider the context of how they will engage with your experience – this cannot be understated. Only after clarifying the who, why, and how, can you ever create an experience that counts.

  1. What inspires you?

Kindness inspires me. My family inspires me every single day. Great execution of an idea inspires me because you step back and see all the different contributions made by all the people on the team and it’s beautiful.

  1. What’s the next big thing?

Personalization of marketing will become more and more important. So will B2B marketing transparency. Data-driven experiences will clearly differentiate the good creative from the great creative.

  1. Beyond technology, what makes an experience truly engaging?

An experience that takes the time to truly consider the audience and context, and is brave enough to answer ‘why’ the audience should care, will be rewarded with great engagement. Sincerity and relevance play a huge part in this.

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