From Point A to Point B

What is Launching?

Launching is the discipline that brings together process, strategy and creative to create the alignment and momentum it takes to break through tough market barriers and reach your Point B.

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Our Proven Launch Process

In a crowded, distracted, chaotic marketplace, our launch process brings the rigor, focus and energy it takes to break through.

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Measurement Tools

We believe in making decisions based on facts, not guesswork or assumptions. That’s why Introworks has developed tools to give you direct insight into customers’ and prospects’ thinking.

What gets measured, gets managed.

Deliver breakthrough results by measuring what’s most important to your business. TruVu makes it simple for any company to systematically collect the right information, turn it into business insights and know what actions to take based on what’s most important to your customers.

Are you measuring your launch effectively? At all?

LaunchFAQsTM is a tool that gives you a clear picture of how well your launch is meeting your goals, how customers and prospects perceive your offering, what’s working, and what needs to be changed going forward.


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