Why Launch

Launch is Life.

In a world where the market is always reaching for what’s next, success depends on how well you do new. And how you do new starts with launch.

  Types of Launch  


Unfortunately, while 50% of business revenue and 40% of profits come from new products or services, only a small number of launches succeed. See the most common pitfalls in our Launchonomics infographic.


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Our Proven Launch Process

In a crowded, distracted, chaotic marketplace, our launch process brings the rigor, focus and energy it takes to break through.

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Measurement Tools

We believe in making decisions based on facts, not guesswork or assumptions. That’s why Introworks has developed tools to give you direct insight into customers’ and prospects’ thinking.

What gets measured, gets managed.

BrandFAQsTM is a robust, comprehensive web-based survey that gives you in-depth information on customers’ and prospects’ thoughts about your brand, your competition, and their own wants and needs.

Are you measuring your launch effectively? At all?

LaunchFAQsTM is a tool that gives you a clear picture of how well your launch is meeting your goals, how customers and prospects perceive your offering, what’s working, and what needs to be changed going forward.


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