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A Day in the #LaunchLife: Julie Blade, Sr. Art Director

What’s an ordinary workday like for an artistic spirit with an analytic mind, tasked with launching greatness through visual storytelling? Shadow Introworks Art Director Julie Blade for a day and see.

6:00 AM
What fuels the imagination, stokes the mind and gets you to lunchtime? A power breakfast. Julie: Starting a paleo diet. Cats: You mean there’s a non-paleo diet?

10:00 AM
Work is about equally divided between solo time concepting, designing and refining work, and creative collaboration. We deal with a lot of highly technical products that solve serious problems—which doesn’t rule out hilarity as part of the process. Actually hilarity helps.

3:30-5:30 PM
(Left to right:) Hard to be un-sedentary in Minnesota midwinter. But there’s always the stairwell! Clearing the mind with a climb break.
It’s a close-knit creative team at Introworks. Here, working with Graphic Designer David Crow to finesse illustrations for an animated video.
Passing Lake Minnetonka on the commute home, dreaming of summer.

7:00 PM
If there’s no blue sky outside, paint it! Working toward a show…some day.

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