Launch Your Year

You put a lot into your national sales meeting.
You could be getting more out of it.

Launch Your Year

You put a lot into your national sales meeting.
You could be getting more out of it.

More than a meeting

A national sales or training meeting is a major investment for any company. But for all the expense and effort that goes into it, the big meeting is too often a missed opportunity when it comes to creating business benefits beyond the event itself. In fact, at Introworks we believe it’s time to stop thinking of these meeting as events, and start treating them as the launch of the next business year.

Why Launch?

Launching is the discipline for achieving stakeholder alignment that drives market momentum. By handling your sales meeting as a launch, you build the alignment that leverages a two or three-day day meeting into year-long momentum and market success.

How can we help?

We can support the launch process around your meeting at whatever level you want. That could mean building out a strategy around your business goals and market needs, and implementing it, start to finish. Or we can take a plan that’s already in place and help execute it at any point along the way.

Get reinforcements

If you don’t have the bandwidth, resources or aptitude (creating storylines, themes and branding may not be your sweet spot) we’re here to help, with over 30 years expertise and launching experience.

Opportunity for unity

A national meeting involves multiple stakeholders with disparate opinions and goals. The launching process is designed to bring everyone into alignment, building critical momentum for the year ahead.

The winning story

We can work with your goals, market landscape and competitive challenges to develop a galvanizing theme and messaging that powers your meeting and drives successful conversations going forward.

Sustain the buzz

When the event is over, we can provide ongoing communications to sustain the excitement, keep learnings and messaging top of mind, and build on the momentum you’ve gained.

Wow factor

Excitement, motivation, getting pumped, being wowed—these are key takeaways for a national meeting. We can bring it all for you, with a comprehensive high-impact visual package that brings the wow to the event—and extends beyond it.

Your sales meeting launch toolkit.

Introworks can orchestrate and create the deliverables you need for a successful meeting and business year, including:

Strategy  •  Theme  •  Visual identity  •  Messaging
Powerpoint template  •  Kickoff video  •  Meeting guide
Sales guide  •  Follow-up internal campaign

And more. We’re here for you to brainstorm the perfect tactic for your meeting.

Let’s Talk Sales/Training Meetings

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