Rocket Fuel

In our last blog, we talked about Avoiding the Vanilla Umbrella—messaging so generic and blah it could apply to everyone, without really saying anything, or exciting anyone.

In this installment, we’re back with another strategy you can put to work: Keeping Your Core Tight.

So let’s take a step back. In order to avoid the vanilla umbrella, you developed core messaging that is both monolithic and distinctive. Now you need to articulate that messaging in a way that connects with your audience quickly and powerfully.

Simple, right? Nah, obviously not. It’s an art form. Which is why the most iconic lines in advertising have stood the test of time:

Just Do It. Got Milk? Think Small.

You know them, and you get the point. Simple. Quick. Tight.

Now, you may think that’s fine for a sneaker or beverage or car, but that it can’t apply to super-complex, business-to-business, tech-centered brands, product and services marketed to logic-minded audiences. Well check these out:

IBM’s “Think” and “Every second counts”

Shopify’s “Let’s make you a business”

Slack’s “Where Work Happens”

Tight, right?

These lines, from some or the largest B2B brands in the world, distill core messaging down to something so simple, intuitive and flab-free, it’s immediately understood by all.

Looking for some help tightening up your core messaging? We’re here for you.

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