Rocket Fuel

We get lots of clients who contact us to help launch new products and services. And that’s great. Launching new products fuels growth. But at the same time, applying the discipline of the launching framework beyond new products and services can be incredibly beneficial.

Because anything is launchable if it’s vital enough to your organization, and you’re ready to put in the time and effort.

We group launches in three categories, each with their own needs.

A lot rides on a new product, service, or brand coming into the world. Because you only get one chance to make a lasting impression. And that’s a lot of pressure. No matter how brilliant the offering may be, success depends on bringing it into the market with alignment around a compelling story. That’s where a proven launching process improves your odds.

Increased competition, commoditization, evolving markets—there are all kinds of reasons you may find market share sagging and sales losing ground. It happens to even the best brands. The key is not taking it lying down. The launch process lets you reframe, rethink, and reshape the conversation. Then you can move stalled or slipping sales back in the right direction.

Maybe you’ve identified a new market. Maybe changing regulations present new opportunities. Or you see potential in a new part of the world. But how do you conquer unfamiliar territory? Where’s the map? Launching gives you a disciplined process for charting your course and carrying you forward for success.

Interested in learning how launching can propel your success? Let’s talk.

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