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Launch is Not Just for New

There are more types of initiatives that beg to be launched.

Launching is almost always considered as an introduction, but let’s expand the types of initiatives that are perfect for launching. Can an internal program be launched to the organization? Yes. What about an offering that’s stalled? Of course. How about expanding your product to a new region? Absolutely.

There are more types of important and complex initiatives that can and should be launched than you might be considering. To make it super simple, we’ve broken these launch-ables into three categories: Introducing, Revitalizing and Expanding.



Obvious and critical, this is introducing important new products, services and businesses to the world. Don’t overlook programs to internal or external stakeholders that fortify brand position or build reputation and corporate culture, such as a sustainability program.



As market conditions evolve and shift, there is sound business reason to take a launch approach when a product or service brand stalls in adoption or importantly, when businesses face a new set of competitive market realities. Whether motived by external forces or by internal evolution (like an expanding portfolio), it’s good to re-set, re-align, re-vitalize, refresh, re-invigorate and re-launch. Whatever your re-ality is, the effort demands more than a facelift or a campaign alone.



When a company is entering new territory, in any way, it’s worthy of a launch discussion. Perhaps that’s a medical technology that gains approval for a new indication. It could be selling to a new audience or going through a new channel. Consider geographical expansion, maybe from OUS to US. And certainly, a merger or acquisition is a launchable engagement.



Read more on our launch philosophy in the Orange Paper Rethink Launching (pdf).

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