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Got Launchables?

New products and services are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what you can—and maybe should—launch. If it’s important financially, strategically, or culturally; if you’re excited about it and want others to be too, it’s a Launchable. Consider putting launch discipline and process behind other initiatives to gain critical momentum and make your success more intentional.

  • New Products
    • Commit to the discipline of launching for key products. Let the others be simple releases.
  • New Services
    • Give shape and definition to intangible offerings.
  • New Business or Division
    • Gain alignment and momentum around business growth and change.
  • Major Initiatives
    • Give key efforts the focus and attention they deserve.
  • Internal Initiatives
    • Engage your most important audience—the one within your walls.
  • New Markets
    • Use the launch process to access untapped opportunities.
  • New Countries
    • Translate brand equity for new cultures and needs.
  • New Category
    • Capitalize on the opportunity to create a categorical advantage.
  • Product Line Extension
    • Rekindle excitement around established trends.
  • Relaunch
    • Generate new income from existing assets.

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