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Fractional Launch Navigator: How to Launch Without Burnout

Let’s say your company is launching a new medical product. It’s a big deal, as launches always are. A lot of time, money, brainpower and effort have been invested—not to mention hopes, expectations, ambition and a liberal sprinkling of angst. The stakes are high. And guess who’s right at the center of it all, accountable for success?

Yep, you’re on the hot seat.


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You may have the ideal mix of marketing and engineering knowledge it takes to make this launch a success, but do you have the bandwidth?

You’re dealing with leadership, regulatory, multiple teams, customers, big decisions and endless minutia. You’re in meetings, trainings, traveling, planning, working long hours and you’re watching bottlenecks pile up. You’re losing sleep…and burning out.

Don’t let it come to that. Don’t wait ‘til it’s a 911 to get help.

“Help from whom?” you may be wondering. “Staff is already overextended, and we can’t afford a full-time hire, even if we could find the right person fast enough.”

The answer could be a fractional launch navigator.


What Can a Fractional Launch Navigator Do For You

A fractional launch navigator (FLN) brings extensive experience in launching medical products to your project — extending your reach without stretching you thin. They, too, have the ideal mix of marketing, engineering, upstream and downstream experience and familiarity with medical technology commercialization. They can work by your side as a partner to move projects forward, deliver on your objectives and get the launch over the finish line. Then, when the job is done, so is the engagement.


A FLN is a: Planner, Manager, QC, Expeditor, Team Supporter, Sounding Board, Communicator, Agency LiaIson. Graphic overlays text with a woman in a blazer picture waist up, arms across her front, smiling.


And if you find yourself in the hot seat but you don’t have the breadth of experience you’d ideally have to lead a launch — a FLN can help fill those gaps, serving a strategic as well as executional role, freeing you to focus where you bring the most value to the launch and the business.

Learn more about how FLNs can help in our Orange Paper, Fractional Launch Navigator: Launch without Burnout (pdf).

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