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On February 2nd, Introworks turned 30, and we think it’s apropos that the traditional symbol for a 30-year anniversary is the pearl. A pearl forms within an oyster’s shell, starting as a small foreign particle. Over the course of years, the oyster attends to that particle and builds layer upon layer until a pearl has fully formed.

Not that we claim to be pearls personally, but in many ways, this is how any business, including ours, evolves. Like a pearl, we’ve been shaped over the years by experience and collaboration—made a little wiser, sharper, bolder—because of the people we’ve worked for and with.

Mike McMillan, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, says growing Introworks has been a process filled with gratitude. “We recognize the rarity of being in business successfully for 30 years. But you don’t get anywhere without the influence of others. We’ve worked with really great people over the years, both on our team, and with our customers and partners.”

“We’ve been given opportunities from others from the very start, and we recognize the value and importance of these,” says Bob Freytag, co-founder, President and CEO. “We’ve made efforts through the years to recognize how to build mutually beneficial relationships with clients, partners, and our internal team.”

We raise a glass to all of you, for 30 years of experience simplifying complex concepts and changing conversations to help clients win in tough market situations.

And just so you know, we’ve got no plans to slow down. Here’s to the next 30!

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