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What happens when we apply the Introworks process to our own product?

BrandFAQs is a brand perception tool that we developed to help businesses better understand how they are perceived by those who matter most—customers. It helps align internal teams with the perceptions and needs of their customers to drive better business decisions.


What’s the issue?

Although BrandFAQs had a strong track record for providing actionable insights in a broad range of businesses, we found it surprisingly hard to communicate its value to prospective clients—which led us to ask why.

What we found was simple but fundamental: The product had the wrong name. The name BrandFAQs didn’t accurately communicate what the tool is and the value it delivers.

So what do you call it?

To get right to the point, BrandFAQs is now TruVu.
But how did we get there?

What we discovered from speaking with both users and non-users of the tool formally known as BrandFAQs, was that it has the ability to impact companies far beyond marketing and well beyond “brand” alone.


With this insight in mind, our team came together for some honest debate about what that means, and how to capture the essence of what we heard in a name.

We landed on TruVu—communicating a clear, fact-based view of your business in the marketplace and in the minds of stakeholders. We supported the new name with language and messaging that reflects what TruVu is and what it can do for your business.

Next it was time to bring TruVu to life and develop a logo.

What does it look like?

After trying out a range of logo candidates, we arrived at a wordmark that speaks to the idea of a “TruVu”, combining clean, straightforward typography with a see-through “view” element.


Outline treatment allows for imagery to be placed inside the letters, customizing the look for the client.

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