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The CEO Roundtable has a mission that’s extremely important to Minnesota business—providing a safe haven for peer sharing amongst leaders in the state’s growing companies.

Their commitment to members’ mutual success has made a difference in countless businesses.

And that’s what led The CEO Roundtable to do a health check for their own organization.

To continue improving, and creating the best possible environment for leaders to grow their businesses going forward, The CEO Roundtable wanted to see clearly where they stand right now. They needed a TruVu.

TruVu is a simple, yet powerful tool for gaining critical customer insights to inform strategic business decisions for B2B companies. CEO Roundtable opted for The Pulse, a quick-check version of TruVu that delivers key insights along with trackable metrics.

Among the areas of learning for The CEO Roundtable:

  • Members’ overall impression of the organization
  • Willingness to recommend to peers
  • Net Champion Score
  • Performance across several indicators
  • Specific recommendations for improvement

Do you know how you’re perceived? to learn more about how TruVu can impact your business.

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