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The team is everything at Introworks. We’re a small team and a tight one, a lean, well-oiled launching machine.

So how do you keep the team united in culture, spirit and purpose, especially when its members have been holed up and scattered across the Twin Cities metro area for over a year?

T-shirts, obviously.

The team that suits up in the same orange-embellished graphic tees, not only stays together, but gets awesome things done for clients together, while looking sporty and cute.

This spring’s model features retro-futuristic sci-fi designs, in a nod to the Digispheric nature of business and life that’s only been accelerated by the pandemic.

As the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter and closer, we look forward to seeing more of each other—and of all of you—in person.

Meanwhile, here’s to vaccinations, herd immunity, and comfy shirts that look good with sweatpants.

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