Rocket Fuel

You love your brand. You live your brand. And you wish others would, too.

But while you’re the center of your own world, you’re not in the world of your customers. Not yet, at least. Because you have to earn your spot.

So how do you do it?

It starts with creating a connection. Your aim is to own a unique and meaningful place in the mind.

And how do you do that? It starts with a singular, consistent positioning. It takes dedication and discipline to do that. Pick the one thing you want to be known for and create everything around that central idea.

Next, you need to get emotional. Just screaming I’m reliable! or I’m efficient! isn’t going to cut it—even if you are those things. Move past the facts and figures and get to an emotional appeal. Because emotion drives motivation. And motivation drives behavior. Plus the higher on the emotional ladder, the more universal your positioning can be.

Doing these two things will be your competitive advantage. It’s your best chance to occupy an essential place in your target’s mind. And being there, well, that changes everything.

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