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Sometimes the answer is bigger than the ask. That’s what happened when one company came to us for product name validation—and ended up with a whole new business model.


Evoqua had developed a smart water solution for light industry, called Water One Assurance”. But leadership questioned whether the name or initial strategy was on target. We were asked to validate the proposed name, value prop and positioning for the product before it gained traction in the marketplace.



While the initial assignment was product focused, we recognized that Evoqua had a bigger opportunity: consolidate brands and unify the company under a compelling story that leverages their unique strengths. We recommended that they unite their entire water offering under the name Water One.


From the three different visual directions we developed for the brand, the Evoqua team chose the simplest and boldest—consistent with our strategy of simplification.

In a space overflowing with wave, splash and ripple imagery, Evoqua’s graphic drop becomes an instant icon. The brand line sums up the value prop in four memorable words: “Water One. And done.”


To launch Water One in the healthcare industry, as well as internally, we created a versatile toolset that Evoqua could use in print, digital and social channels.


Evoqua has enthusiastically embraced Water One as its unifying business model, and is moving quickly to get its light industry customers—and eventually other sectors—on board.


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