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When medical device startup Marrow Access developed SmartShot®, an innovative device for stimulating bone marrow and helping regenerate cartilage, the plan was to let their superior technology speak for itself. It seemed to make sense, since other devices in the category are relatively crude.

Product image of hand holding Marrow Smart Shot device

But once Introworks began working with Marrow Access on the launch, it became clear that a technology-based approach comparing SmartShot to existing alternatives would miss the mark. SmartShot isn’t comparable to other mechanical devices—it’s an entirely different category of product: a biologic, natural healing solution.

Quote by Joseph Saladino, CEO, that says “By positioning ourselves as a biologic healing product rather than just a mechanical instrument, it changes the value perception for our customers and allows us to focus on what really matters to them”

Bold new brand

When it came to translating this core messaging into a brand, we went bold. Conventional wisdom is that medical brands are conservative. But with a startup company launching a breakthrough product in a category by itself, conventional misses the mark. After testing several options with surgeons, the gutsiest one resonated most.

Ready to sell

To help Marrow Access sign up and train independent distributors nationwide, we created a launch kit with everything they needed to get sales reps excited, up to speed, and able to train surgeons to in just half an hour. This proved to be even more crucial than anyone could have anticipated.

Quote by Joseph Saladino, CEO, that says “Now especially, when we’re not able to fly out to have one-on-one conversations with our sales reps and surgeons, it’s more important than ever that we’ve got this very clean, very crisp communication and messaging that resonates in a short period of time”Visual mockup of sales and marketing tools

The market responds

Even in the midst of a pandemic, interest in SmartShot is high, with doctors reaching out after learning about the device on digital media. “I’m often contacted by surgeons who say, can you train me. I simply mail them the kit, have a half hour phone conversation, and from there the sale is nearly done.”

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