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If you’re up against Goliath, you need a really good slingshot.

That was the challenge we faced with Zyga, a medical device company focused on minimally invasive solutions for underserved conditions of the lumbar spine.

The market for its SImmetry® SI Joint Fusion System is dominated by a single competitor with a 95% market share. We needed a powerful marketing weapon to help Zyga make an impact in such a lopsided marketing scenario.

And we found the answer in a detail of the system’s design.

Unlike competitors’, the SImmetry System uses a proprietary decorticator to create bleeding bone, which, according to orthopedic principles, is necessary for achieving a stable fusion.

Once we realized the importance of this critical difference, we knew how to guide the relaunch of the SImmetry System.

  1. Position the SImmetry System as categorically different, a clearly preferable option for achieving lasting relief.
  1. Take a brash, upstart tone to cut through the clutter in a David v. Goliath market scenario.

The theme line, “Need to Bleed” stakes out our territory.

Simple graphics, gutsy headlines, bold, flat color. Not what everyone else was doing.

For patient-facing materials, we softened the look and feel to create a sense of compassion and optimism.

Educating the salesforce to get alignment around the new positioning was key. We helped by creating talking points, message platform and teambuilding tools..

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