Rocket Fuel

You’ve probably heard us talk about how it’s essential to own a space in your audience’s mind. But it’s not just about the words you send there. It’s the sum total of every interaction they’ve had with you. And, more importantly, every emotion you’ve made them feel.

Because we have three brains: the sensory, the emotional, and the rational.

In terms of evolution, the sensory brain is the oldest, followed by the emotional, with the rational brain being the most recent. Understanding how the brains are all interconnected is key to mastering an appeal to your audience.

The emotional brain sends ten times the information to the rational brain than vice versa, creating an imbalance that means feelings and emotions have 10 times the impact on decision-making than facts and figures.

In fact, 95% of all decisions are made by emotion and backfilled with logic.

And when it comes to gaining attention, there’s no contest: The eyes have it. Because sight is by far our fastest sense, followed by touch, hearing, smell, and taste.

So we’re taking in all these visual cues, the vast majority of which are subconscious, and sending it all to our emotional brain, which then translates those emotions into rational thought.

That means to truly motivate people, to drive behavior toward your desired action, you need to play to the emotions.

Looking to improve the emotional connection with your audience? We’d love to help.

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