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Not only was Joseph Saladino, CEO of Marrow Access gracious enough to talk to us on video about the recent launch of his company’s SmartShot marrow stimulation device, he did it under unusual conditions – the COVID-19 lockdown – using a one-person crew and socially distanced production. Here’s how we made a great interview video, safely:

  • We used Introworks’ conference room for the set, sanitizing every surface that might be touched.
  • The videographer set up in advance with greenscreen, lighting and boom mic (instead of a clip-on mic that would require getting up close)
  • A monitor was set up beside the video camera, so the interviewer would be visible to Joseph, and could ask questions remotely
  • The videographer, in an N95 mask, shot the entire interview standing 10 feet away from Joseph.
  • We created a lively look and feel for the video in post-production, with no further contact required.

If you’ve been wanting to capture interviews for a product launch, website or social media posts, but were thinking COVID-19 cancelled that out, talk to us. We’ll get it done for you, safely and painlessly. And you’ll love the result.

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